Lack of physical activities increases the risk of acquiring cardiovascular disorders particularly hypertension. Due to rapid advancement of technology, people rarely perform exercise as part of their daily routine. Getting physically active increases blood flow to body organs, thus making them efficient in performing daily tasks. More essentially, exercise trains human heart on how to respond and deal quickly with the physical stresses we encounter daily in our lives. Study shows that a lost in 10 pounds in weight is a significant measurement in preventing high blood pressure later in life.Biking as a Form of Exercise

One natural remedy for hypertension is exercise. Aim for a 30-minute physical activity daily. This does not necessarily mean going to gym or joining a triathlon. Keep moving by doing housework such as gardening, riding bikes and sweeping the floor. Walk to your destination instead of riding a bus. If you own a treadmill at home, use it while listening to music or watching news during your free time. There are also lots of exercise videos on YouTube you can download or watch. For people who want a gym adventure, resistance training not only boosts heart resistance to stress but also helps tone muscles and reduces body fats. A relaxing way to get active is to go swimming! The benefits of swimming to health are a no secret. Swimming lowers blood pressure, stretches muscles and calms the mind.

.. but how much exercise is enough?
To effectively normalize blood pressure level, exercise should be persistent and regular. 30 minutes of physical activity a day is30 minutes enough to manage hypertension without taking medications. However, if you haven’t been to gym or perform physical exercise for a while, start slowly to avoid muscle strain and prevent injuries. Start with 15 minutes and increase it with time. One danger advice is to never start with strenuous or aggressive exercise. This is not recommended as it can lead to injury. Yoga is good form of physical activity for beginners.
Meanwhile, observe safety when performing exercise. Do not push yourself to the limit. Know your capacity. If you feel dizzy, your body hurts or a discomfort in the chest is noted, stop the activity. Also, hypertensive people should take extra precaution when performing exercise during hot and humid weather.

Important Tip: Don’t forget to warm up and cool down.

Warming up prior to exercise prepares your body in the next steps or activities. Exercise elevates vital signs. Thus, it is essential to let your heart cool down every after exercise.