There are no safer and more natural way to normalize blood pressure but to employ alternative treatment and therapy. Alternative treatments for hypertension include the use of herbs and supplements, acupuncture and meditation.

Herbs. The use of herbal products in treating hypertension is widely recognized. Herbs for lowering elevated blood pressure Ginseng for Treating Hypertensioninclude ginseng, snake root and hawthorn. However, it should be mentioned that herbal therapy is not extensively studied and therefore, their safety is not guaranteed. On the other hand, licorice should be avoided and should not be used in people with hypertension.

Supplements. There are over-the-counter dietary supplements that can help lower blood pressure. Current evidence shows that CoQ10, Amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids help manage hypertension. They are available in pharmacies without the need for prescriptions.

Acupuncture. While there are no reliable evidences that acupuncture effectively lowers blood pressure, but many people are still using this alternative treatment in managing hypertension. Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles in different body points to alleviate pain and manage stress.

Meditation. Meditation is a cost-free, low-tech alternative therapy for hypertension. In a study conducted at American University in Washington — which involved almost 300 students who are at a higher risk of developing hypertension– disclosed that a 20-minute period of meditation up to twice daily can improve mood swings and lower blood pressure. But meditation seems to have no significant effect on people who are suffering chronic hypertension.